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Anthologies and literary journals

Gloria's stories in Spanish, English and French have been published in various anthologies and literary journals in Canada and abroad.

Anthologies and literary journals

  • Macher, Gloria (2020). "The edge embroiderer". Ramón Sepúlveda (Compiler). Intertwined stories. Editorial Mapalé, Ottawa, Canada, p.103 (story)

  • Macher, Gloria (2020). "The Metallic Knight". Lady Rojas and Sophie Lavoie (editors). Rotating Stories: An Anthology of Latin Canadian Women Writers. Éditions de l'Ancre, 2020, Quebec, Canada, p.97 (story)

  • Macher, Gloria (2019). "Roger." Stewart Donovan (editor). The Nashwaak Review, St. Thomas University, Frederick, NB, p. 117 (story)

  • Macher, Gloria (2018). "The nameless". George Elliot Clarke and Sanita Fejzic (eds.). Dis(s)ent, In/Words Magazine and Press, p. 68 (story)

  • Macher, Gloria (2017). "The briefcase man". Horace I. Goddard (editor). KOLA, Vol.29, No. 2. Fall 2017, Black Writers' Guild, Quebec, Canada, p. 21 (story)

  • Macher, Gloria (2017). "Honey Flower". Jorge Etcheverry (editor). Canadography - Latin Canadian narrative anthology. Chile: Editorial Montecristo Cartonero, 2017, p.50, p.53 (story)

  • Macher, Gloria (2017). "Briefcase". Lady Rojas Benavente and Sophie M.Lavoie (Editors). Constructing Memory: Latin Canadian Writers of the New Millennium. Ottawa, Canada: Shared Quote, 2016, p53,p.56 (story) Macher, Gloria (2017). "I chose death." Angel Mota (editor), Israel Mota Berriozabal. World press

  • Macher, Gloria (2016). "The Numbing Beauty" and "Bitches Brew". Ricardo Camarena Castellanos (editor). Maple Letters - An Anthology of Hispanic-Canadian Writing. Ottawa, Canada: Shared Quote, 2016, p53,p.56 (report)

  • Macher, Gloria, The Capoeirista and Another Poem at the Seaside, Hispanophone Magazine, Creation Section, Poetry, October 3, 2016

  • Macher, Gloria, Todas en una, Eleventh mural and virtual exhibition on virtual poetry in tribute to Chiqui Vicioso, Congress of the Canadian Hispanic Association, June 2015 

  • Macher, Gloria, The sin number, Letras de dos ciudades, Jornada Boreal V de escritores hispanocadienses: Ottawa y Montreal, Qantati eBooks, 2014

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